Message from the president


   Shoji Kojima

We thank you for your usual and continued patronage for our Kodenshi® materials.

Firbest Co., Ltd. was founded in l989. Since its foundation we have offered the various materials to the market with our company policy of  “Safe & Reliance”.

At the time of company foundation we started business with manufacturing and marketing fresh pack (plastic bags), utilizing far-infrared effect to keep perishable food fresh. Then, we made a great success of kneading our proprietary fine far-infrared ceramic powder into fibrous materials, and since then we keep offering various functional materials to various markets under the trademark of  Kodenshi® .

Utilizing such special and unique functional materials, we would proceed development of better and comfortable products for the market and for your daily life.

Also, as new functions of Kodenshi®, “Relaxation effect”, “Reduction of fatigue symptom”, and “Comfortable sleep”  were recognized through our several consumer studies.  And from now on, based on such functions and effects we would make our effort also to the development and marketing of the products, assigning a focus to people’s “Health & Beauty”.

Utilizing our high-performance functional materials, we assure you to make our continuous very best efforts for your better and comfortable healthy life.  And we would sincerely appreciate your continuous support to Kodenshi® materials.




Last updated 12/16/2016